Plan Fiduciary Governance and Oversight Documentation

Recent legal decisions underscore the importance of adopting prudent operational compliance procedures and best practice governance standards. Stone Hill Fiduciary Management acknowledges fiduciary status in writing and is appointed Named Fiduciary in the plan document, thereby enabling plan sponsor clients to rely on our administration and investment advice.

Managing Fiduciary Retention Agreement

  • Responsibilities of Stone Hill as Managing Fiduciary and the client as Plan Sponsor
  • Managing Fiduciary’s service and fee arrangement for plan administration and plan investment

Investment Advisor Service Agreement

  • Responsibilities of Stone Hill as SEC-registered investment advisor and investment advice fiduciary
  • Investment Advisor’s service and fee arrangement for plan investment

Resolutions and Plan Amendment

  • Acknowledge Managing Fiduciary Retention Agreement and designate Stone Hill as a Named Fiduciary
  • Appoint retirement plan committee, appoint initial committee members, and delegate responsibilities

Retirement Plan Committee and Managing Fiduciary Organizational Document

  • Establish governance provisions, fiduciary framework, and Retirement Plan Committee
  • Allocate responsibilities and duties to the Retirement Plan Committee and Managing Fiduciary

Retirement Plan Committee and Managing Fiduciary Oversight Charter

  • Reflect oversight functions, protocol, and best practices
  • Set forth reporting functions of the Managing Fiduciary to the Retirement Plan Committee

Managing Fiduciary Quarterly Monitoring Report

  • Application of investment policy criteria
  • Retirement Plan Committee approval of fiduciary decisions advanced by Managing Fiduciary

Managing Fiduciary Annual Report

  • Review Existing service provider capabilities, service deliverable, fee arrangement, and expenses
  • Critique website, platform, administration, record keeping, investments, disclosure, and reporting
  • Documented review of existing service and fee arrangements for plan committee approval

Managing Fiduciary Annual Certification Letter

    • Findings, best practices, and recommendations for improvements to internal plan control
    • Demonstrates board-monitored fiduciary compliance, best practices, and governance activities

Managing Fiduciary Triennial Service Provider Search and Selection

  • Review marketplace services as compared to existing service providers upon committee approval
  • Identify a reasonable fee range given the scope of recordkeeping services and level of plan assets
  • Identify service provider candidates with superior administration and investment platform services