A New Approach in the Delivery of Advisory Services to Retirement Plan Sponsors

Stone Hill Fiduciary Management’s sole business is to provide discretionary investment advisory and plan administration fiduciary services to retirement plan sponsors. We have no other business activities and no financial industry affiliations.

Impartial advice has become increasingly important to plan sponsors when selecting and monitoring plan service providers and investments. Stone Hill Fiduciary Management enables plan sponsors and retirement plan committees to delegate fiduciary decision-making and reduce their involvement in plan administration and plan asset investment.

Fiduciary Structure: We establish an ERISA Sections 3(21)/3(38)/3(16) full-service fiduciary solution and compliance strategy to manage plan sponsor responsibility.

Full-Scope Advisor: We act as a full-scope Registered Investment Advisor under ERISA Section 3(21), accepting fiduciary responsibility for fund recommendations.

Investment Manager: We act as an Investment Manager under ERISA Section 3(38), accepting fiduciary responsibility for selecting, monitoring, and replacing investments.

Managing Fiduciary: We act as Plan Administrator under ERISA Section 3(16), making fiduciary decisions for selecting, monitoring, and replacing service providers. We enable plan sponsors to outsource plan oversight and eliminate service conflicts of interest.

Named Fiduciary for Plan Administration: We act as Named Fiduciary under ERISA Section 405(c), directing record keepers, scrutinizing plan transactions, reviewing custodial statements, signing Form 5500, and evaluating and approving plan service fees.

Named Fiduciary for Plan Investment: We direct corporate trustees and custodians, monitor plan investment performance and investment expenses, and approve plan investment fees.

Procedural Prudence: We establish best practices for retirement plan committees and document fiduciary decisions made by the Named Fiduciary and approved by the plan sponsor.

Retirement Plan Committee: We submit quarterly fiduciary monitoring reports to the Retirement Plan Committee with respect to plan fiduciary decision-making, management and operation that we perform, and for which we accept responsibility.

Board of Directors: We certify to the board that the retirement plan committee has properly carried out its fiduciary duties regarding plan compliance and governance activities. We help retirement plan committees mitigate fiduciary risk related to their retirement plans.

Plan Sponsor Education: We educate employers on fiduciary governance and create a reporting and supervising system to monitor fiduciary decisions and plan activities.

CFO and HR Responsibilities: We relieve CFOs and HR staff from spending valuable time on fiduciary decision-making, plan management, and plan oversight responsibilities.

Value-Based Fee: We charge fees for plan administration oversight, plan investments, and fiduciary services commensurate with fees that other advisors charge solely for plan investment services.