Independent ERISA Fiduciaries

Make Better Advisors

The regulatory environment makes it difficult for an investment advisor to adequately represent retirement plan sponsor interests unless the advisor is an ERISA fiduciary. Impartial advice has become increasingly important to retirement plan sponsors when selecting, monitoring and continuing to retain service providers and plan investments.

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Independent Fiduciaries

The prudent selection of an independent named fiduciary is designed to focus on proper plan management, thereby protecting the plan sponsor from future liability.

Risk Management

Recent legal decisions underscore the importance of adopting operational compliance procedures and best practice governance standards.

Fiduciary Expertise

We are a strong, capable, and independent ERISA Fiduciary focusing on the responsibility and liability for proper plan management, investment and operation.

Best Practices

The better practice is to appoint an independent fiduciary, thus enabling the plan sponsor to delegate fiduciary decision making to an expert.

Fiduciary Liability

We are worthy of a fiduciary mandate having acknowledged fiduciary status in writing and having been appointed named fiduciary for administration and investment in the plan document.

Service Model

Our fiduciary service model provides boards, officers, managers, committees, and other plan sponsor fiduciaries with advice and protections not readily available in the retirement plan marketplace.